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elxis 5, template five; adding logo fails

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hi you gurus,

<?php echo '<a href="/"><img src="/media/images/logo.png"/></a>';?>   // could not load the image

This is currently a sub-domain and the image is searched in the main.

Anyone knows, how to write that correctly?

thx a lot

really nobody knows how to?    >:(

Open index.php of template, add after line 49

--- Code: ---<img src="<?php echo $elxis->secureBase(); ?>/templates/five/images/logo.png" alt="<?php echo $elxis->getConfig('SITENAME'); ?>" />

--- End code ---

Put your logo at folder images of template. Done !

Oh thx @ lot. That looks somehow really the lne, I was looking for. It's also working, confirmed

I also did try with that securebase .... but as blind in php ... no luck.
The line numbers, forget. The template is heavy modified , that they ain't resemble anything of the original


Template Five has not been designed for an image logo but for text title/subtitle. If you display a logo there you should modify the CSS respectively and also take care of css media queries.


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