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Eria Template - TOP Boxes build -in:

I have noticed, that the description from the top boxes PARTIALLY only disappears, at least when one also, when more of the following is true:

* the description is any number of '<li class="...</>
* the description a '<br/>' tag
* APPLY is hit twice
* SAVE is hit once'
- the Description is then reduced in ALL Top Boxes to '<li class="'

Other times the content also disappeared already, I just could not figure out, what exactly done prior.
So far, I really get my content in with hitting APPLY followed by CANCEL. Again, hitting Apply or Save after any later- re-open clears the content again. There are also other action combination, I could not figure out yet, which cause the same, even to the top slider.
Could I reproduce that problem: YES

Is there a way somehow, to make that settings/content really permanent? I have somehow the feeling, that the content could even disappear from alone.
The template itself is a lovely peace it just gives me a bloody headache how to?


Just a tip: In template's parameters section do not paste code in multiple lines. Everything should be in 1 line regardless how long it is!

Hi Datahell,

just cross checking, as it's really a mess, when something goes wrong:
until now, I did:
<li class="xxx">content </li>
<li class="xxx">content </li>
<li class="xxx">content </li>
and obviously, copy /paste
Doing: <li class="xxx">content </li><li class="xxx">content </li><li class="xxx">content </li>   should do the trick?


Yes, it will work. In parameters you add everything in a single line. The reason is simple: Parameters separator is carriage return (new line). So, if you add a single parameter in multiple lines you confuse Elxis.

Example :
3 parameters (firstname, lastname, age) separated by new lines ( \n ):

params = "firstname=George\nlastname=Loukas\nage=29";

FYI: New line as separator for parameters goes many-many years back to the past (at least since 2002). It was used in mambo CMS (ancestor of Elxis cms) and has not been changed yet! A modernization (we might do it in Elxis 5.0 or 5.1) is to change the parameters storage system with a json encoded string.

params = { firstname: 'George', lastname: 'Loukas', age:29 };

I finally have done the test.

In description, with 4 boxes, entering in the first box:

--- Code: ---<li class="myyes">Great Solutions for Small Budgets</li><li class="myyes">Prices as little as 0</li><li class="myplus">Security &amp; Privacy build-in</li><li class="myplusminus">Modular Add-ons</li>
--- End code ---
Save on the language, Apply
Appears, 1st box appears well, the description in all other 3 are partially cleared. This is however not different, to what was I had before. With or without multiple lines copied and pasted, the result remains the same

A second APPLY or a simple SAVE clears again all 4 boxes descriptions


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