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Paint.Net free alternative to photoshop

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I guess there are many people searching for a free alternative to adobe photoshop. I also guess that the first thing that will come into your mind is gimp. I know that people say that it is good, you can do anything like photoshop, blah, blah, blah... Personally I have tried many times to work with gimp but, sorry, I don't like it and takes me a lot of time to do something that I can do in photoshop in less than a second. But it's not gimp the reason for writing this post. I found an other free program called Paint.Net which is very simplified but also VERY easy and fast to work with. The community there has also released a number of plugins that extends its functionality and there is also a PSD plugin for opening and saving adobe photoshop files.

Paint.Net has not the features of photoshop or gimp but for those that need a simple and free editing and drawing tool it is excellent. I personally use it in the last month and I love it.
Download from

It's only 3.5Mb! I like!

I write it here because it is not known, I found it after a lot of searching and testing and I think it worth a try.
It is named because its developer initially wanted to create a simple free alternative to microsoft's Paint but after some time it became a rich photo editing tool. In its 4th version (currently 3.5) it will support shapes like photoshop and even more things.

 ;D ;D I use since 4 years now !!! It use Microsoft .net framework. This is the reason why it's so lightweight.
If I can permt I would like to suggest rwpaint too. Really lightweight and with a lot of feature.


Is there something alternative compatible with Linux?  ;D


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