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Templates development guide on Elxis docs


A complete templates development guide is available on Elxis docs.

The tutorial explains how an HTML only layout can be converted into a fully functional Elxis template (for version 4.x).
Some of the subjects analysed in this guide:

* Template's structure and files.
* XML installation file
* index.php file and template's layout
* Importing Elxis dynamic content into the layout
* Template parameters
* Standard CSS definitions used by Elxis core
* Prepare a template package for distribution
* Manually install a template
* Reversing CSS for RTL languages.
* 2 columns layout with equal height columns trick.
* Search engines optimization.
The template discussed in the tutorial (Simplicity) is available for download for further study. The license of that template is GNU/GPL, so you can use it however you like. The scope of the sample template is only for documentation purposes and not to be used as is in sites. So, it is quite ugly... Don't shoot me for this :D


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