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Hello again


Due to some heavy translation work, I cancelled my registration to the Forum severalweeks ago, believing that I would not have time to make any contributions. Obviously, I overestimated the task and I am back. Hello again.

I went through sub-forums to see what I had missed and, frankly, I was appalled. Apparently, some members here have been very stressed for some time because many replies - especially from senior Elxis members - are laden with anger and impatience. Some answers appear to mean, "Since you are not an expert, what in hell are you asking this question for!" Therefore, I think these members should bear in mind the fact that:

a) yes, we are not experts and that is the very reason why we ask for help;
b) as we are free to play around with the Elxis script, we are likely to break it unintentionally; it is not our intention to prove that Elxis is a bad script at all;
c) while only one out of a hundred problems we bring here might prove to be a real one, this is the reason why the Forum exists, isn't it? We will not know whether a problem we spot is a real one or whether a line of script is valid or not before it submit it for discussion here.

Therefore, please take a deep - reaaaaallly deep - breath before you write down a reply for a demand or a statement - no matter how stupid it might sound.

Best regards.


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