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Information about true standard persian keyboard map (KBD)


Farhad Sakhaei:
hi frineds,
there is a problem in default persian keyboard map in OS like windows
persian alphabets aren't in true place in keyboard or some arabic letters are in persian keyboard
like "ي"
true letter is "ی"

i attached a dll file , you can overwrite it in your /windows/system32 directory
this file helps you to have standard persian keyboard map
and it fixs your wrong letters
please use this file for type your persian texts before translate any of sentences

attention : you should run your windows under safe mode
                  you can't overwrite this file in normal mode


[old attachment deleted by admin]

Reza Faghihi:
این مطلب جالبی هست در ضمن
هم خیلی کمک می کنه


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