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Τoday we officially announced from our website, our devotion to Elxis CMS. I must also say that our site is currently under a heavy reconstruction. We are switching over to Elxis CMS.  ;D

Because (as said): "ELXIS gives you the freedom and the power to do what ever you have in mind, without limitations or dependences" and that's the truth.

In the mean time, take a look at 2 web sites created from us. Of course powered by Elxis.  ;) (Finished 22.3.2007)

Any comments are welcome  :)


I would really like to see comments about the sites i have created, using Elxis. Expecially the sites you can understand (multilingual)  :)

Something you dont like, something else you do like exc.

Today im adding another one:

Ivan Trebješanin:
I have seen your sites, and as I make templates for my cliest too, know what time consuming job it is... And wish to tell you that you did great job! I'm too lame to implement those body switchers and other java script goodies... I don't know about the content of these sites, but I didn't wonder at all. Navigation is very clear and handy, that's all I can say. Well done. Hope I will have time to translate my portfolio to serbian one day and advertise elxis more that way.


Hi jazzman, thanks for your kind words. Well:

- Those scripts aren't the TOP SECRET  ;D and not very hard implement.
- I really do want the navigation to be easy and clear, so i take special care of it. Cause i hate when i see different sites that screw up their navigation panel exc. Its not something hard to take care of, so it should be done easily and clear.
- 2 of the 3 sites i published are provided also in different other languages except Greek, so its not that hard to understand the content  ;)

Thanks again.


I must say in public that Spiros (supernet) creates great sites that are an advertizement for Elxis CMS. Clean design without lame modules and components. Superb!


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