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Internet explorer 9 sucks!

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I had a report saying that the calendar script used in IOS Reservations does not work under IE9 (it worked for IE8...).
So I decided to update IE8 to IE9 to check it. Here is how "great" is microsoft's support and browsers:

1. I realized that an update is not possible, I had to reinstall the browser...
2. I downloaded the 64bit Greek version of IE9 for Vista. I tried to install it but it warned me that my system is in English and I need to have the windows ultimate version to install the IE9 greek version. So, I had to use IE9 English...
3. I downloaded the english version and tried to install it but also warned me that I need to update my the windows first...
4. I download the updates now (360mb!), when finish I will continue....

1st serious complaint to Microsoft: The browser should not be bind to the operating system (I think you have be warned by the E.U. for this).
2nd serious complaint to Microsoft: The user should be able to install his desired language for the browser without OS limitations.

After installing 360mb of garbage and restarting my computer I tried to re-install IE9. Now I have an other error message saying that IE9 installer does not support the service pack I have(sp1) and I need to install vista service pack 2.

This is it, I got tired!
I am not going to install IE9. Maybe an other time when I will have some hours to lose I might do it. But not now. I am sorry microsoft but I will continue being a firefox lover for many more years! Bye bye IE9, I will try again when you release IE 19  ;D

Note: To update firefox you need just one click!

 ;D . I personally can update your system ;D, John to windows 7.  ;D ;D Vista like sVista ,sXista ... i am sorry but it's not an operating system.
My suggestion : Try to install IETester. I love that program!  ;)

It is not a matter of my OS. It is something more deep than this. IE is bind to the OS, this is the real problem.

I just updated firefox 3.x to 4.0. I clicked update from firefox menu and it took me just 3 minutes to download the new version and install it. It also automatically updated all of my extensions and re-opened with all the tabs I had previously open. This is a user friendly browser!


all IEs in one package
in any case fewer and fewer people use IE. Firefox rules over all  ;D

Unfortunately it's true what you say John.
In case that  you use IETester inform me that everything is alright.


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