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Ivan Trebješanin:
I have finally decided to spend few hours on my personal site, and this time I want to go all the way, so if anyone notices some mistakes, plese post here. Thank you.

simple and elegant, nice work  ;)

Ivan Trebješanin:
Thanks for the compliments...  :D

its no a compliment  :), its just the description of what i see, in a few words  ;)

Ivan Trebješanin:
And now I must concentrate on the content... Too bad I don't have the time to write some tutorials and my members are not considering my site important enough to publish their tutorials on my site, but they publish them elsewhere. Anyway, this site is usefull to me when I apply for jobs, for getting new clients, as a storage room... maybe one day it will become a web design directory useful for webmasters and graphic designers. Thanks for visiting anyway.


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