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At last, my personal site/area is "on air". It's a Greek Tech Vortal, focused on new technologies. Mobile phones, satellite tv, broadband internet, gaming, radio, Editorial area exc. Our moto is: "Expand your TECH Knowledge"  ;D

You may reach the site, from:  The forum is under construction, and lots more to be added soon  ;)

Any comments, are more than welcome.

Very nice magazine. I liked your site colours and template. Greek not my language, but content is very well sorted and reading.

Just one thing - ithink youshould anable BACK button because when users will read all article theire should scrool back and only after this action they will be able return.

Turn on Back button and i will use it if it's be in English.

Nice work Supernet.


Thank you mmarch. I must say that the "Back" button isn't my favourite function.  ;D  But i did turn it on, cause you are right.

As for the English section, its been predicted when Elxis was installed. But not for now, as its difficult to reproduce all the news in English right now.

Thanks again.

Ye you are right with this - its difficult to reproduce all the news in English. But i think that if you will contact peoples with movement disabilitys you will find there lot of guys who would like go in in your project like translators. Currently i have news portal on my native language and 1 guy who translating for portal from english. I'm still looking for anothers who can translate from other languages.


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