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Title: query about Aero empty response [browser]
Post by: kos24bit on April 26, 2021, 00:45:01
In Aero system one of my colleagues observed that:
For 1 timeslot (date/time) , 2 different reservation attempts were  related:
The first reservation was normal and successful (i mean the client's browser displayed normal booking details response --Reservation code, appointment, date, time... -- . i also saw it inside the DB 'reservations' table).
For the second reservation attempt, the response was kind of 'empty'  (i mean no booking details... But the client's browser displayed a reservation code and a 'thank you for choosing us' message . thus, that person thought he had also an appointment). Any idea on how the 2nd case might have occurred? Moreover, in such a case maybe an error message could be displayed ?

Title: Re: query about Aero empty response [browser]
Post by: datahell on April 27, 2021, 11:47:45
I don't know how this happens, I need details on the booking attempts and access to the system for debug. However, I can say for sure, that a reservation cannot be saved with empty data. So the empty data shown most probably are local save error in the plugin, not in IOS AERO. The plugin stores reservation data in temporary files for later usage. Maybe during this save procedure the final file became corrupted.