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Title: Elxis 5.1 released
Post by: datahell on March 08, 2020, 19:55:54
Elxis 5.1 Cronus released and you can download it from elxis.org (https://www.elxis.org/download.html).
Read also Elxis 5.1 release notes (https://www.elxis.org/releases/elxis51.html)

Elxis 5.0 users can update to 5.1 by following this guide (https://www.elxis.org/blog/update-elxis50-to-51.html)

An update patch might be released in a few days from elxis.net. And I say "might" because as you will notice Elxis since version 5.1 is able to update itself automatically, so there will be no more update packages in the future.
Title: Elxis 5.1 r2352 released
Post by: datahell on August 22, 2020, 19:45:06
Today we released a new package for Elxis 5.1, the revision of this release is 2352.
Changes in comparison to the previous 5.1 release:

- Contact plugin: Added missing asterisks for required form elements.
- New feature: You can now execute plugins without editor integration.
- Added samesite attribute on generated by Elxis cookies. The default value of SameSite attribute is Lax. Also you can now customize cookie parameters. The "samesite" attribute is supported by PHP 7.3 and newer. However we added support for previous PHP versions too with a trick.
- New log file for error 404/not found entries. Now 404 entries are stored in a special "notfound.log" file. So "error.log" file now contains only pure PHP error entries.
- Elxis defender: Automatic unban an IP address after 10 days. This is because many Elxis administrators forget to clear this file so by the time it becomes too large. Automatic unban will keep this file in good size and improve Elxis performance.

To update to the new version go to Elxis administration, click from menu Check for updates and click the update button Elxis provides you.