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Title: How to get Elxis ID for your Elxis website?
Post by: StefanSultanov on October 12, 2019, 13:32:37
Hi all,
Long time no see. Following major changes in my life, I am back to greet you from UK.
I didn't lose my love for Elxis and I am looking to promote Elxis on UK soil.

It has been 5 years since my last post and to be honest much of Elxis procedures and processes have "gone out the window" (forgotten by me)  :).
I want to say sorry for the stupid questions I am about to ask in the following weeks, and I hope you will still be as helpful as I remember.

What is the normal process to get Elxis ID for your new Elxis website and make the Elxis network and EDC accessible from Site Admin?

I would like to know if there is any difference in the prosess between Elxis 5.0 and Elxis 4.x too?
Also is Elxis 5.0 backwards compatible with the extensions available in EDC?
Title: Re: How to get Elxis ID for your Elxis website?
Post by: webgift on October 13, 2019, 18:47:59
Hello @StefanSultanov and welcome back!
As i can see you've sent an email using the form from elxis.org and we have replied you
back with the instructions of how you can get an Elxis ID. You receive this email. Don't

Here is the reply:
From Elxis administration go to "Extensions" and click on "Browse EDC".
Click the top right "user" icon and then the link to register your site. See attached screenshot for more.

[see attached image]

Ioannis Sannos (datahell)
Elxis Team
https://www.elxis.org (https://www.elxis.org)

In general extensions are compatible with Elxis CMS 5 however some of them are compatible
with 5th version only.