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Title: Wishlist #1
Post by: Big Ben on October 29, 2006, 20:53:59
Dear ELXIS Developers,

my WishList  rev.1    (rev. 2 follows)

An intergrated stats-tool like JoomlaStats but expanded like
Vistors by Country
                              this country
                                                access a  X  page or becomes a 403
that could be for a beginner useful (frequently discussed in forums -country access howto)

Dummie question

is it possible to develope components so that they may not handle ELXIS-common user data (pass,login... ) but only been show in ELXIS without wrapper with a unique url and and handle their own data?

Please change the red colour (too aggressive-  other people thouths)  of -Your Elxis installation is unregistered!-

An integrated SEO/SEF function with many many features (NO i'm not a spammer -think so  8))

Make my  english better :)

to be continued...

Big Ben

Title: Re: Wishlist #1
Post by: datahell on October 29, 2006, 21:50:04
I have no time right now so I will answer quickly to some of your questions.

3. Red colored note will be totally removed in version 2006.4 although it is very important for us to know under which enviroments elxis is used, which of these enviroments have the most problems etc. These statistics except that they help us solving problems faster they show us a mini roadmap. We see what people want.

4. elxis SEF will be introduced in Elxis 2007 and will be amazing. Totally different than the mechanisms you allready know, platform independed and simple.

5. Mine too!