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Title: IOSR API integraiton help....
Post by: Nuts on May 02, 2016, 15:42:13

Can anyone help me please  to understand or help with answering these questions from a developer that is integrating IOSR hotels reservation with a stand alone site? (in order to channel reservations on that site thought IOSR hotels)

In instructions it says: "Upload folder “iosrclient” to the website in question. Open file “iosrclient/apiconfig.php”.....  Where we can get the folder “iosrclient”? Also, where are API settings defined for IOS?

Thanking you in advance for any help...
Title: Re: IOSR API integraiton help....
Post by: datahell on May 04, 2016, 22:16:14
First of all you create APIs in IOSR Hotels administration or hotelier panels.
From Hotels menu click "Remote bookings". Then click "New". Fill-in the form and save the API.
Read the documentation for more (Section 2.9.4 Add / Edit API).

Inside the IOSR hotels zip package you got when you purchased IOSR Hotels there is a file named "hotels_2_api_client_standalone_revXXX.zip". This is the pre-made standalone API integration which works on any php powered site. If you unzip it you will see this:

iosrclient/ (all API client software is in this folder)
standalone-sample.php (this is a sample file, you can use it, rename it, or delete it)

Inside "iosrclient" folder there is the configuration file "apiconfig.php".
In this file set the configuration options as data you previously created in IOSR admin/hotelier panel.
Read the documentation for more (Section 2.9.6 Easy API integration)

If you can't do it send me access details for the Elxis site admin section and the second's site FTP to do it for you.