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Title: License Key
Post by: Davide on October 10, 2014, 13:03:49
Dear all,
I made a request in order to update the license key for Ios Reservation 4.x from a previous version.
As written here https://www.isopensource.com/news/upgrade-iosr4-translators-offer.html (https://www.isopensource.com/news/upgrade-iosr4-translators-offer.html) I sent an email, 1/2 weeks ago with all the information needed, to the support through this page https://www.isopensource.com/contact.html (https://www.isopensource.com/contact.html).

Is that the correct way to obtain a new key and pay the difference?

Thank you
Title: Re: License Key
Post by: datahell on October 10, 2014, 22:02:12
I have already replied you since October 6 to your e-mail address (imperato.davide@...ing.it). See attached screrenshot. Check your inbox and your spams. If you haven't received my reply send it again or contact me from this forum with a private message.

Please never mention things that contain private information such as licensing in public. Use email or private message instead.