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Title: Bubbles Pagination Error Fix
Post by: jorgebravoc on September 21, 2011, 03:40:42
Hi guys:

While using the Bubbles component I noticed that once the pagination DIV comes on, meaning I get more than one page of commens, the layout gets messed up.. if yo uhad a three column layout it will mess up big time. This is because there is an error in the code I think you all should acknowledge and fix in your own files until we get an update for the component.

file:   bubbles.html.php

Check line 214   
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echo "</div\n"; and also line 247
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echo "</div\n";    those two DIVs are not closing up so it will appear to still be a missing closing div tag therefore the layout will get messed up. Change both tags for a
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echo "</div>\n"; and youll be all set.

Hope it helps