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Title: IOSR vs Touristway
Post by: ua on February 24, 2011, 15:09:23
I was wondering if anyone here has tried out Touristway.
Currently i'm testing both IOSR and Touristway and IOSR seems pretty solid with a few exceptions.
My main issues right now seem to be around the checkout / payment process.

Here's what I'd like:
- Global payment mechanism / policies that apply to all Hotels.
- Ability to add Master RoomTypes that can be linked to Hotels. (Its quite a waste typing Double Room, Triple Room for each hotel)
- Ability to define Master Addon's that can be linked to Hotels. (Breakfast, Half-board meals etc).
- A Transfers, excursions component.

I want to give IOSR a serious shot before attempting it. I love the fax and agent / hotel control panels.
Title: Re: IOSR vs Touristway
Post by: datahell on February 24, 2011, 19:04:05
IOS Reservations has been build with the idea that the hotels are managed by different people, with different policies, room types, etc. So it is important to be flexible and be able to set these things per hotel or even per room. Your standards would make it easier to use but improper for the majority of users. Except of the, transfers extension, all the rest are all ready supported by IOSR but you have to set them up for each hotel separately (the flexibility I talked about).

I would like to make a price comparison.
IOS Reservations = 165 EUR (Downloadable, lifetime license)
Touristway = 2780 USD (Downloadable - Marketing pack with, mostly, the same features as IOS Reservations)