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Title: mod_downloads question
Post by: oldman on June 02, 2010, 18:14:46

if i add any download to the list i found a field called "autor" and my name is shown therein. thats ok as long i'm the autor of the file. but i like to offer some stuff from other people and then i'm not the autor, i'm only the contributor! let me give you an example: if i offer the elxis template " ios clear" for download the autor is Ioannis Sannos and not me. so it would be better to make the autor field writable and to add a writable field for the name of the contributor!

thanks for reading


Title: Re: mod_downloads question
Post by: speck on June 02, 2010, 19:32:13
The simplest solution is create an elxis user with the name of author. In this way you can add the author of file without problem.