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Title: I need to give to my clients adminstrative access only to 2 components
Post by: eliasan on December 31, 2006, 14:59:08
In this example, we assume that you have created a website for one of your clients and you want to give administrative access to them. But furthermore (and here is Elxis power!) you need to restrict their access to only two features; StarGallery and Users Management.

That way you will be sure that your customet will be able to access only the features that you, the administrator believe that will be safe to do.

First, you will have to create a new user group in which you will assign the customer (user) that you will create next. Rights are assigned on a group basis, so you have to create the group first .

Let us see how it is done. In our example, we suppose that users of this group have access only to administration and not on Front End:

Create Users Group
Site -> Access Manager
Click on "New" icon to create the new user group.

Fill "Group Name" field with the name of the new group, i.e "ΧΧΧ", and select on "Parent group" combo box "Public backend" as the parent group.

Save your changes.

Edit Users Group Permissions
Site -> Access Manager

Check the check box next to XXX group and click on "Edit Permissions" icon.

Appears the screen from where you will edit the permissions.

You add the following permissions:
administration | login
administration | install | components |all
administration | edit |components | com_stargallery
administration | manage |components | com_users

Note: Every time you add a new permission, you will be redirected to Access manager initial page.

Assign User to Group
Go to Site -> User Manager -> Users, and create a new user. Select as XXX the group that it belongs.
Now, he and every other user that belongs to this group has the permissions/rights that you set up on previous step.

Enjoy Elxis CMS flexibility!
Title: Re: I need to give to my clients adminstrative access only to 2 components
Post by: wbread on April 29, 2013, 07:35:16