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Title: Automatic Translations: How To
Post by: eliasan on December 31, 2006, 14:38:43
Automatic translations is a unique functionality of Elxis CMS.

Allows you to easilly translate content items from one language to another, keeping the initial formation (tables, font sizes, images, labels, etc).

Automatic translation is available only to online sites using Elxis or to sites having a browsable IP. Do not be disappointed if Automatic translation is not available on your local Elxis installation. That is normal!

Automatic translation is available for content items. Not autonomous pages.

To translate a content item, select from the menu Content, one of the menu items that leads you to see content items; that is "Content by Section" or "All Content Items".

Check the selection box next to the content item that you want to translate and click the "Translate" icon.

Select the "Source and destination languages" and click the "Translate" icon.

In a few seconds, a new content item will be created, based on the destination language selected!

Enjoy the automatic translation features of Elxis CMS!
Title: Re: Automatic Translations: How To
Post by: napros on May 29, 2008, 00:36:25
Is there a way to translate ALL the pages in ALL languages?

IE: Instead of translating each content item from English to Italian, then going back to the content and choosing German etc etc etc.

You choose "Translate ALL"

and every page that is in the site is translated into each Language that is install in the Language Section

Thank you in advance
Title: Re: Automatic Translations: How To
Post by: Farhad Sakhaei on May 31, 2008, 19:09:52
Hi napros and welcome to the Elxis world !
Translating many pages may take several minutes and also may be your contents are hug ...
So I think this is not very good to do this and make like it ...  :)
Also translation quality is another matter , You should check translated content after ... Because it does by a automation ...