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Title: Elxis 2009.0 Pandora released!
Post by: datahell on May 05, 2009, 20:39:45
Elxis new version 2009.0, and simultaneously a new generation (2009), released to day. The new version has some very useful new features and many improvements and fixes. The full name of the new release is Elxis 2009.0 Pandora rev2432.

Download Elxis 2009.0:
http://www.elxis-downloads.com/com_downloads/elxis-cms/175.html (http://www.elxis-downloads.com/com_downloads/elxis-cms/175.html)

Read the full change log here:
https://www.elxis.org/eblog/magnet/elxis-2009-changelog.html (https://www.elxis.org/eblog/magnet/elxis-2009-changelog.html)

Elxis 2009.0 related articles on Elxis wiki:
http://wiki.elxis.org/wiki/Category:Elxis_2009.0 (http://wiki.elxis.org/wiki/Category:Elxis_2009.0)

We hope you like this new baby ;)