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Title: a hack for Media Manager
Post by: Farhad Sakhaei on October 21, 2007, 15:45:55
hi to all , i made a hack for Media Manager that you can upload any media files to any folders and make directories in every path under your root path ...
also you can delete any files from your folders and change your pictures of templates by replacing those pictures ...

ATTENTION : use this hack with your own risk , it can damage your elxis files becasue you can access to all ELXIS files ... this is not a ELXIS TEAM HACK OR ADD ON  , it is edited by me and there isn't any guarantee in using it ... but if you want to access all files and folders use it with your own risk ...


1- get a backup from your files in this folder:  your_elxis_folder/administrator/components/com_media/
2- download attached file and extract it
3- upload extracted files into your elxis_folder/administrator/components/com_media/ folder , (replace them)


now you can use media manager with access to all folders

have fun ... ;)

[old attachment deleted by admin]