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hi datahell, sorry, i can't find this in the documentation or the forum: what are reasons to mark articles as Important? This is something that modules can use I think? If I am correct, do you know which modules take advantage of this feature? Ideally, I would like a slider to feature only 'important' articles.

Yes, the purpose of the "important" mark is to separate some articles from the others in order to specially show them in a module or somewhere else. Built-in modules that have this options are the "Articles" and "IOS Slider". Some third party modules also make use of "important" but I don't know/remember which ones. See those that have to do with articles and sliders.

Hi datahell,
I have look through every section of the Elxis Download Center but I cannot find a module called 'IOS Slider' or 'Articles'. Do you mean 'Latest Articles'? Is there a different name for IOS Slider?

As far as i remember IOS Slider is a pre-installed extension with the default installation
of Elxis CMS. Isn't it?

Since version Elxis 4.3 rev1716 and later, module IOS Slider which is pre-installed, gives the option in source to show among other and important articles.


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