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At the newsletter parameter module i have enabled : include articles from Micro component. But no micro items are sent.
In the parameter it sais: Only articles having source USER and API will be sent. Many of the posts are done by me, as administrator, but it did not sent any article. How can i make possible to send micro items?
Thansk in advance.

I just did a check, Newsletter works correctly. Make sure Newsletter has something to send. The following criteria must be fulfilled in order the newsletter to send something from Mikro:

- Mode is Automatic
- The time is right (daily/weekly/monthly frequency)
- There are active subscribers
- Mikro posts source should be User or API
- Mikro posts language should be site's default or "All languages"
- Mikro posts should have been written after the last Newsletter dispatch. Newsletter will not include past posts.

OK, I had Mikro posts source: All.
Changed that to User, i hope it will work in the next sending.
thanks a lot


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