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I found this great menu module created by webgift. It's exactly what I need. The only thing I want to change is that the sub menus have always the same width as the main menu. Please check the attachments to better understand what I try to achieve. I tried but didn't succeed with that and would be very thankful for your help.
Thank you!

Hello @kyomar.
This area adjusts its width according to the number of columns of sub-menu items. Each
column has a fixed width. For example you can see this image [1] as quoted below. We
use the maximum number of columns (4) width: 480px  in compare with image [2] on
where we use 2 columns width: 350px so we conclude that sub-menu area's width is not
the same as the one where the root menu items are presented. The area for the root
items can be set from the parameters tab at your back-end and the width for each column
can be modified by editing the megamenu.css file as it is located in directory:
- modules/mod_mega_menu/inc/

Change the lines:
.cols.n1 { width: 160px; }
.cols.n2 { width: 350px; }
.cols.n3 { width: 570px; }
.cols.n4 { width: 480px; }
to anything you like! n1 means 1 column, n2: 2 columns etc.

[1]: http://www.elxis.net/components/com_edc/images/ext_94_image5.png
[2]: http://www.elxis.net/components/com_edc/images/ext_94_image3.png

Thanks a lot webgift for your prompt reply. I do understand how mega menu is meant to work but I would like to change this as described in my first post and as shown in the attachment. If for example you have 4 sub menus in the last root menu then it runs off the page (pls see my attachment). How do I have to change the css to achieve a fixed width submenu as seen in the example attached?
Thank you for your time!

Ok! I modified my previous post as there was a misunderstanding by my side! Hope it helps you.

Thanks for your help webgift but I think I didn't explain myself clearly. I know how to adjust the width of the columns, that's not the problem. If you check again the attachment you will see that the sub-menu goes off the page to the right and is therefore not usable. In the other example (attachment 2) the sub-menu always stays in the same place (center) no matter which root menu is chosen. Please search for "glocknerhof austria" to see it in action, that's what I am trying to achieve but I think it's not possible with just css. It probably needs the php file to be adjusted but that I cannot do, I am not a programmer  :(.
Thank you!


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