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Happy news for all


Two days ago, in CREATIVE Options we received happy news in our email.

The Greek department of Google has recognized us as an affiliate advertising agency !
On 16/11/2010 we will start seminars regarding Google Adwords. The knowledge that we will acquire will be used for the benefit of our customers and to help Elxis users.

Right after our recognition, Google offered us coupons of a total value of 1000€ to spend on Google Adwords.

Now, in our turn, we offer 20 coupons of 50€  to anyone who are interested for FREE. To receive a coupon, just send us a PM or an email at: info [at] creativeoptions [dot] eu.

Our totally NEW website will be launched in the next week, offering new services and offers for the regular & active members of Elxis Community.

That is great, but are you sure the offer is free?
Google usually requires your credit card information and $10 deposit before you can use their "free" coupons.

The coupons that I provide, and as anyone provide is the same as some selected Google users receive.

For more help regarding the promotion codes you can find here

We give promotion coupons of 50€ for free.

As for the charge that you say, for now I know is:
If your account is on prepay, you must make a prepayment before your ads will run. The activation fee will be deducted from this prepayment. If your account is on direct debit, the activation fee will be charged to your bank account. If your account is on credit card postpay, the activation fee will be included in your account balance when you're charged at the end of your first billing period.

How to use Google Redeem Coupon

Congratulations to all. Hope this benefits all involved as you have made a very nice and secure source for everyone to use. Thanks for sharing and i am excited to see what new and exciting effects this has.


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