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jalali date in elxis

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jalali date in elxis in back-end & front end?

What is the format of jalali dates ?

Contact Farhad Sakhaei, he has already done this.

date = 2009/nov/14   >>  jalali= 1388/8/28

this part not free...!

price in open source cms !!!! = farhad...

Anyone has the right to provide his services free or under a fee. Many companies base their professional services on open source software, this is absolutely legal.

As you probably understand non-iranians can not help you in this issue. I can only tell you as a guideline that Elxis uses the mosFormatDate function to format dates. So, you have to modify that function and convert gregorian dates to jalali dates inside that function before displaying them. PHP has some functions integrated for that scope.


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