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PDF error! [SOLVED]

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URI: index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=50
 Path: /includes/tcpdf/tcpdf.php
 Line: 3131
 getimagesize(/XXXXXX/XXXXX.gr/html/includes/tcpdf//images/stories/ksworlwide_400.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

errors appear only if an image is in article else pdf convert works...

this double slash must break things down.

where to look and what to fix?

Try the following:
open includes/tcpdf/config/tcpdf_config.php
go to line 69
change the K_PATH_IMAGES constant to:

define ("K_PATH_IMAGES", $mainframe->getCfg('absolute_path').'/images/');

Tell me if the problem was solved.

Try also with:
define ("K_PATH_IMAGES", $mainframe->getCfg('absolute_path').'/');

Farhad Sakhaei:
Hi , I think that your problem is not related to the TCPDF ,
Try to edit your picture url , Just check if your picture address is like this : http://www.sample.com/images/stories/ksworlwide_400.jpg
Not this : /images/stories/ksworlwide_400.jpg

Good luck ;)

Farhad we better try to fix tcpdf even if the image has been entered with a relative path.
As a solution we could make tcpdf to replace the relative path with the full path in this occasion.
Please check my P.M.

Farhad Sakhaei:
Yes John , I am trying ...


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