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Title: AnyForm plugin
Post by: datahell on March 30, 2017, 23:59:09
I just released a free form generation plugin for Elxis. With AnyForm you can create really ANY standard form as it uses Elxis Form library in the backend. i am sure many people will love it.

You can download AnyForm plugin (http://www.elxis.net/edc/miscellaneous/142.html) from EDC.

More information tomorrow.
Title: Re: AnyForm plugin
Post by: nikos on March 31, 2017, 09:16:02
Great news, great plugin! Congratulations !!!
Title: Re: AnyForm plugin
Post by: webgift on March 31, 2017, 12:17:48
Really great and complete extension!
Title: Re: AnyForm plugin
Post by: chongbing on March 31, 2017, 18:06:51
Title: AnyForm plugin v1.2
Post by: datahell on April 02, 2017, 09:59:34
Plugin AnyForm updated to version 1.2

I would like to make a general presentation of the plugin as I haven't done so yet. If you have any questions you can reply below.

Most important features

Download AnyForm for free from EDC (http://www.elxis.net/edc/miscellaneous/142.html).

A few example of how you declare form items in XML files.

A text input field:
<item type="text" name="name" label="FIRSTNAME" default="{FIRSTNAME}" tip="Please write your name"></item>

A date picker:
<item type="date" name="date" label="DATE" required="1" default="{TOMORROW}" tip="" />

An "I am not a robot" captcha field:
<item type="norobot" name="notrobot" label="" default="" tip="" />


Plugin AnyForm is free. Forms generated by AnyForm display a small copyright note at the bottom. This is the only reward for Ioannis Sannos, the developer of AnyForm, for giving you this plugin for free. If you don't want to display this copyright you can purchase a license to remove it (https://www.isopensource.com/shop/software/11.html). By purchasing a copyright removal license you also get extended documentation for AnyForm plugin written by Ioannis Sannos.

Copyright removal and documentation by Is Open Source (https://www.isopensource.com/shop/software/11.html)