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Title: Article editing
Post by: nikos on March 11, 2013, 11:52:34
I have an issue on article editing.

On an Elxis 4.x rev 1378 site i have set Greek as main language and English as secondary. I had created an article with text for both languages and in both editors (introduction and main). Today i wanted to delete text in both languages from main editor only, leaving only text in introduction editor. Doing this i found out that system permits me do it in Greek but does not permit me do it in English. I tried a lot of times and i get a message that the translation is obligatory.

Of course i can resolve it by deleting the article and creating a new one inserting the text only in introduction editor. Why is this accepted during first creation and later by editing it is not? After all, is the main text obligatory or not as the system's desired behavior?
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: datahell on March 11, 2013, 18:27:21
I can't reproduce the issue you mention. Translations get deleted fine.
I tested it with main language English and then Greek. No, problem found.

To make some things clear: The content in the main language is not a translation and so it can not be deleted. It can only be edited. Only translations can be deleted.

What I guess you have done is you had put translations, then switched the main language and so you broke the translations table. Try again in a new article and I am sure the problem wont happen.

Once you add even one translation you should not change the default language. See the attached image for a visual explanation.
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: nikos on March 11, 2013, 21:15:23
Well... when from the beginning of the on-line site creation i had setup Greek language as main and English as secondary i did not change at all the main language. So all articles in Greek where inserted normally and in English were translations of Greek.

All my articles, apart one, had text only in introduction editor for both languages. That one which had text in both editors (introduction and main) and for both languages, i decided to change it keeping text only in introduction editor. So this which i did was just to delete text from main editor. For Greek it was done at once, but for English deleting the text and clicking the floppy disk button for save, was giving a message that the translation is obligatory. Repeating this again and again the message was the same and result too. So the only option i had was to delete the whole article and create it again.

I just tested it again on a localhost installation with opposite languages (English as main and Greek as secondary) and has the same behavior giving the same message "Please provide a translation!"
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: datahell on March 11, 2013, 22:35:22
Oh, now I understood what you do. You try to provide an empty translation!

I repeat, you can not "delete" the text in the default language (Greek in your case). You can only edit it. There is no delete icon for the default language.
What I guess you did is to clear the text, but this does not mean "delete". You can do so only for textarea elements and text input elements which are not required (you can not empty an article's title for example).

The translations should be deleted with the "delete" icon shown next to the translation. Click that and it will work. Don't try to save an empty string as translation because you can not provide an empty translation. It is a logical wrong and Elxis prevents you from doing so.
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: nikos on March 11, 2013, 22:46:01
Bravo! You are right. It is this!

But think how many could do the same. Today i did it with another one and no one thought to click on x button for delete.  I was making Ctrl A and pressing delete button from keyboard.

OK issue is solved.

Thank you
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: datahell on March 12, 2013, 18:48:52
I think it is too obvious. Υou have a save and a delete icon next to each translation item.
You noticed the save icon but not the delete icon? I think you have to visit a doctor :P
Title: Re: Article editing
Post by: nikos on March 12, 2013, 21:47:17
Yes it happens to those who work with Elxis over 10 hrs per day the last 7 years and the disease i could call it Elxiasis  :P

Ctrl A and delete by keyboard is a standard action i always was doing and do working on each editor for deleting whole text. Nautilus has a specific action for this and can happen to the "best families" not to see it.

And i am sure that there are and other things which i have not noticed yet, as i still discover it working with this the last months.